Thursday, December 2, 2021

12/2/2022 Lake Havasu, Arizona

We left Lake Havasu  and have moved to Valle Del Oro Resort in Mesa Arizona. 

I will say that the Lake Havasu area made a good impression on Sandy and I. It is now one of our top 5 locations. The city is located on Lake Havasu which is actually created by the Colorado River. The river is damned approximately 15 miles to the south by Parker Damn and 60 miles to the north by Davis Damn. You can boat between the two damns. It is a Urban planned/designed city. The design was put together by the same planner that designed Disneyland in California. The sponsor/developer of the city was the man that owned McCullach chain saw.  He financed the design, and the development of the city. He also purchased the “London Bridge” from England, had it disassembled, shipped to California, then trucked to Lake Havasu, and reassembled as a center piece for the city. He also flew people from the midwest for free back in the 60’s to see the city and then personally entertained them to convince them to move to Lake Havasu.  He built a 1 bedroom mansion for himself in the hills where he entertained his guests. The reason for having only 1 bedroom was so that guests would not expect to stay overnight at the mansion. The mansion still exists and is the only property still owned by the McCullach family. 

The city design:

  • Takes full advantage of the shoreline with multiple parks
  • Bike trails
  • ATV trails
  • Numerous boat ramps
  • State Park for camping with beach access
  • Paved walk ways along the water line
  • Fishing
  • Waterskiing
  • World jet ski competition
  • World ATV competition
  • Asphalt track for car racing
  • Hiking trails
  • Skateboard and trick bicycle park
  • Restaurants along the water
  • Car shows downtown Thursday nights
  • Ferry that travels across the lake from Arizona to an Indian casino on the California side of the lake 
  • Planned events throughout the year

I am sure I am missing some highlights but we liked the area so much that we are going to stop there for another week this coming May

Enough on Lake Havasu. We are now in Mesa Arizona at Valle Del Oro Resort. We have been here previously for 2 months. This time we will be here from December 1st through May 1st. This place is very active. If you are bored it is because you want to be. There is so much going on here.  To name a few:

  • Daily bands at the pools
  • Two large pools 
  • Exercise facility
  • 8 pickle ball courts that are busy beginning at 8:00 AM 
  • 8 Tennis Courts
  • Headliner Musical acts monthly
  • In house restaurants
  • Softball leagues and in house baseball field
  • Large wood shop with the latest equipment
  • Jewelry, rock polishing, pottery, clay modeling, leather working shops
  • Computer room, support, and classes
  • Organized board and card games
  • Organized competitive shuffle board, putt putt, horse shoes, and much more

Here are some pictures of Lake Havasu:

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

11/16/2021. Las Vegas, Nevada

For the last 2 weeks Sandy and I have been camping at Oasis Resort which is just off the Las Vegas Strip.  Although we are not gamblers, Las Vegas is a relatively inexpensive location to visit locations such as Death Valley National Park, Valley of Fire State Park, Painted Rocks at Seven Magic Mountains, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and of course the Las Vegas Strip. 

Lucky for us we had to change the permit we had to visit Red Rock Canyon due to a conflict.  (Permits are required in Many of the National Parks now).  The day we were originally scheduled there was a shooting at the visitor center.  Apparently a male visitor went nuts and the authorities ended up shooting him.

Also about 3 weeks back we spent quite a bit of time in Zion National Park only to find out that 3 weeks later there was a rock slide across the road we were driving on which closed down the park.  

The end of our visit to Las Vegas found us at a Freightliner dealer to get some work done on the COW.  Two days later and $1000 lighter we are ready to move on to our next location which is Lake Havasu.

PS. Two weeks here and didn’t put a nickel into a slot machine :-)

I hope you enjoy the attached pictures: